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    Beltran Blue Pits     Gottiline       Gottyline Pits
      Cali Kingpin Kennels     WestCoast Gottiline     Teocalli Pittz
    Young Gotti Line     Mikeland Kennels     Blue Flame Kennel
    Stronger then all Pits    Land Beast Kennels     Texas River Bottom Kennels
    San Francisco's Blue Bullie Giants Kennel     Blue Line Kennel     Out Laws Kennels
    Blue Honor Kennels     Clavos Pits     G Dawgs
    Watts Up Kennel     Blue Nations Bloodlines     Best of the Best Kennels
    Smart Head Kennels     Texas Cartel     Rockwood Kennels
    Morales Blue Pits     High Caliber Pits     Gladiator Kennels
    The Baddlands     Mythology Kennels     Colby Pit Bulls
    Leather Neck K-9's     Genuine Blue Kennels     Thunder Pits
    Red City Reds     Jay Marc Kennels     Ganghis Kon Kennel
    Eagle Rock Kennel     Major League Pitbulls     Holland Pitbulls
    Monster Pits     Chets Pitstop     Pitbulls R Us
    Think Blue Pits     Mugleston Pitbull Farm    Dungeon Kennel
   Az Desert Dogs     Sitting Bull Kennels    Shovelhead Kennels
   Warrior Kennels     New Troijan kennels    Big Blue Kennels
   Jail House Blues    South Town Pits    KN Kennels
   Blue Dragon Kennels     Blue Quest Pits    Royal Flush Kennels
   Bone Crusher Kennels    Centex Pits    Maniacos Pits
   Mobster Kennels    Ramos Kennels    Mountain Side Kennels
   Esoteric Kennels    Garland Kennels    Concrete Pits
   Rios' Pit Bull    Bullet Proof Kennels    Ruthless Kennels
   Blue King Kennel    M & M Kennels    IsLo's Pits
   Rubber City Pit Bulls    Aztec Nation Kennels     American Blues Kennel
   Danger613 Kennels    Top Notch Kennels    Island Boi Kennels
  Blue Country Kennels    Young Bucks Blues    Southern Pit Bulls
    Gottys Edge Kennel    Shark City PitBulls    Phoenix Pits
   San Diego Pits    Christian Pits    Rodriguez Blue Rage Kennels
   Borderland PIT Kennel    Trap-A-Lot Kennels    East Side Gotty Pits
   Mega PitBulls    MidZone Kennels    Blue Coat Kennels
   Big Block Kennels of El Paso    Mega Dog Training    Bull City
    Broad St. Bullies    Pohaku Kennels  Nu South Bullies
    Stewardpit Kennels    Blue Krome Kennels    Teamink Kennels
   Big Bnag Bullies     X-Rated Kennels    On Edge Pitbull Kennels
   Monster Pit Gotti Line     Ruckus Kennels    Blue Burban Kennels
    Little Rascals Shop     Rodz Bluez N Redz    Texas Bully's
   Ring O Fire Kennels     Southern Pitbulls      Mass Kennel
    615 Blues    Mean Mug Kennels      Pitbull Nation
   Walkers Bully Pits      Pitbull Crew     Bully Blood Kennels
    Dazzling Bullies       AJ's Reds     Power Pits R Us Kennel
  Atlanta's Finest Big Body Kennels    Blue Town Pits   1st Pick Kennels
  Hub City Kennels    Pearl Blue Kennels  615 Blues
  East Side Kennels    Iron Fist Kennels Boxxheads Kennels
  Gooch Land Pits